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Desna Tural. Italian. Illustrator. Visual Designer. Berlin based.

FOR Not so many things to do but please try not make me regret trusting you PEOPLE
During high school I studied ancient Greek and Latin — because of my parents — , after I attended Chinese and Japanese arts, cultures and languages classes in Bologna for 2 years — as I wanted to get into cultures far away from mine, so it could be my parents fault all over again — and finally I attended the Palladio Institute of Design in Verona and got a degree as a Visual Designer in September 2013.
During October 2014 I attended a short intensive Master in Communications related with Illustration in Vicenza, and after it I've decided to focus my career on illustration.
After a 4-years experience in the field working in-house in several agencies and also as a freelance last summer I moved to UK and after one year of deficiency of vitamin D me and my skin decided to move to Berlin. At the moment, I'm in love with it.

FOR I’m sorry you’re unemployed PEOPLE
Most of people know me as Desna Tural but my real name is Elena Leone.
When I started using this alterego - a completely invented one, no deeper meanings, no clues, no personal heroes or favourite vegetables - I thought it was very cool but I was just a 17-year-old girl living in Malo, Italy, a nobody-knows town where nobody said it was awful - and that to have an nom de guerre was awkward. 
So, call me whatever you you'd like to*, just be sure you have typed the right phone number.

*but please mind that “Leone” means “lion” and I had an unhappy childhood because of this. I know, it’s not the worst species in the whole animal kingdom but children’s imagination and rhyming skills might surprise you.
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